Marci Deane talks with Charlie Mackenzie, a Realtor with RE/MAX Crest Realty. 


Charlie Mackenzie has been a Realtor with  RE/MAX Crest Realty since 2002. He has won awards including the RE/MAX Platinum Award, 100% club, and the RE/MAX Hall Of Fame Award. He specializes in Single Family Homes, Duplexes and Waterfront Properties. 

Outside of real estate, he is a musician and songwriter. Check out Charlie and his band, Memory Day on iTunes. 

Key Points

  • [1:00] What is the best advice you ever got as a Realtor?
    • Don’t speculate with your family home. 
    • Be careful, don’t risk your house. 
  • [2:40] What is going on in Deep Cove today?
    • Both tourism and residential growth have skyrocketed. 
    • The district is looking to control traffic and parking but I don’t think they will be able to find a perfect fit. 
    • If you’re planning to live in Deep Cove, just be aware that it is a popular spot for tourists and others from around the Lower Mainland to spend the day. 
  • [4:30] Any development going on? 
    • Cove Gardens was built a couple of years ago. 
    • Cates Landing project is almost done phase one. 
    • Over the next 5 years, you will see around 5 new developments. 
    • Townhouses are doing very well. The current minimum is a 1,000,000. Over the last 5-6 years, they have doubled in value. 
  • [7:30] What areas of Deep Cover are in demand? 
    • It depends on the person. If you want the village feel the Cove is a great spot. If you want to be alone the outskirts can be a great place for peace and quiet. 
  • [8:10] How is the market?
    • Deep Cove has a very limited inventory right now. It’s not hard to sell. 
  • [9:00]  What are your predictions for 2019?
    • Housing will continue to be the biggest political issue. 
    • Population growth is going to keep growing. 

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