Marci Deane talks with Melanie Reuter, Real Estate Investor and Coach. 


Melanie Reuter is a Real Estate Investor and Coach. She owns several investment properties and helps women start and continue with their investment goals. Marci and Melanie talk about how obstacles make you stronger, how coaching keeps you on the right track, and what WIRE is and how you can get involved. 


Key Points

  • [4:15] How did you go from Southern California to working in real estate? 
    • My research skills with the sheriff’s department transferred well to the real estate world. 
    • I bought my first investment property in 2007. 
  • [6:00] Obstacles along the way must have made you stronger. 
    • Of course, we get to where we are because of the adversity that is put in our way. 
  • [8:50] What is the best business advice you have ever received? 
    • Do what works for you. 
    • Get a business coach. 
  • [12:10] Tell us about WIRE
    • WIRE (Women Investing in Real Estate). We get together once every 6 weeks and we network and get educated on what’s going on in the market. 
  • [14:25] How would I find out more about WIRE? 
    • Our main website is on Meetup
    • Facebook
  • [15:00] Tell us a little about your coaching business?
    • I help women who are looking to get started but need that extra motivation. 
    • I can be there to give someone a 2nd opinion. 
  • [17:00] Melanie shares a story about someone she helped.  

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