In this episode, Marci interviews Cynthia Aasen, founder, CEO, and Managing Broker of IRR Realty. With her 20 years of experience in investment real estate, Cynthia decided to start her own real estate boutique company that caters busy professionals who want to start including real estate properties in their portfolio with minimal initial investment. Tune in to learn more!
Covered Topics:
  • IRR Realty
  • The Best Business Advice Cynthia Received
  • The 3 Asset Characteristics
Podcast Show Notes:
  • 00:39 – Marci introduces Cynthia to the show
  • 01:23 – Cynthia shares about her personal and professional life
    • Started 20 years ago in investment real estate
    • Buy and Hold
    • Working with developers
    • Syndication
  • 03:30 – IRR Realty as a boutique company
    • Founded in 2015 after Cynthia’s children had grown up
  • 05:19 – The BEST Business Advice
    • “Don’t sell the real estate that you buy — hold it, let it get paid off.”
    • Look at worst case scenario
  • 06:02 – 3 Asset Characteristics: Time, Money, Peace of Mind
  • 06:33 – IRR Realty’s clients
    • Busy/working professionals
    • Matching clients and investments
  • 09:19 – Helping people with smaller initial investment
    • Real estate syndication
    • 20% target annualized returns
  • 10:42 – Subscribe to know more about IRR Realty
  • 11:23 – Understanding what people go through before making a decision
Topic Takeaways:
  • Learn to hold properties and let it get paid off.
  • Stop looking at the best case scenario — look at the worst and see if you can take that.
  • Always factor in time, money, and your personal peace of mind in every investment you make.
Quotable Quotes:
  • “I’ve dedicated more of my time and energy to my passion — which is helping people put real estate into their financial portfolio.”
  • ”It’s what you do after [buying] and how it [property] performs.”
  • “Don’t sell the real estate that you buy — hold it, let it get paid off.”
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