In today’s episode, Marci welcomes Linda Chu back to the show. Linda is the owner of Out of Chaos, a professional organizing company based in Vancouver that provides home and office organizing strategies and systems for both home and business owners. Tune in as Linda walks us through every bit about downsizing, including tips and insights, and how her company helps people go through it with the services they offer.
Covered Topics:
  • The Process of Downsizing
  • Out of Chaos’ Services and Clients
  • The Process of Sorting
  • How to Get Rid of Things
  • Storage Problem: Space vs Stuff
Podcast Show Notes:
  • 00:10 – Marci welcomes Linda back to the show!
  • 00:59 – Linda shares about what she does
    • Her business is centered around helping homeowners, business, and entrepreneurs on organizing volume
    • Stepping in when people are skeptical
  • 03:55 – Seeing the transformation through the process of organizing
  • 04:25 – Types of Services and Clients
    • Helping create systems of what to keep
    • Balancing time and all tasks to do
    • Moving houses caused by 4D’s (downsizing, death, divorce, or disability)
  • 07:10 – Marci and Linda talks about the trend of baby boomers selling/downsizing houses
    • It’s not about where to start but WHEN to start
    • Tight timelines mean paid forces
    • Linda lists down the process of sorting
    • Getting rid of things: The 3C’s to Clearing Your Home
      • Consign
      • Cash
      • Charity
    • Allowing stories to be told and retold
    • The 80-20 Rule
  • 13:19 – Storage: What’s important – Space or Stuff?
    • Factor the numbers!
  • 14:30 – The emotions and family dynamics on downsizing
  • 16:19 – Connect with Linda on Out of Chaos
Topic Takeaways:
  • Deciding when to start organizing is key — the earlier, the better!
  • Always look at the value of something when sorting.
  • When it comes to storage, factor in the costs for space.
Quotable Quotes:
  • “It’s all about timing. It’s not about where, it’s about WHEN. The more stuff you have, the more stuff it’s going to take.”
  • “It’s really looking back into that pile and looking at the value (of something).”
  • “You have to allow for the stories to be told and retold.”
  • “It’s around that decision again — is your space important or is your stuff important?”
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