Marci Deane talks with Charlie Mackenzie a Realtor with RE/MAX Crest Realty. 


Charlie Mackenzie has been a Realtor with RE/MAX Crest Realty since 2002. He has won awards including, RE/MAX Platinum Award, 100% club, and the RE/MAX Hall Of Fame Award. He specializes in Single Family Homes, Duplexes and Waterfront Properties. 

Outside of real estate, he is a musician and songwriter. Check out Charlie and his band, Memory Day on iTunes. 

Key Points

  • [2:55] What did you think it was going to be like before you started as a Realtor, and what did it end up really being like?
    • I thought I would just be selling homes but it turned into so much more. You are a life coach, an ear for someone; you get to know people on a very close level. 
  • [3:40] What are some of the different waterfront areas in Deep Cove?
    • We have a lot of high priced properties in the Dollarton area. Some properties are going as high as 10 million dollars today. 
    • Towards the Cove, you have the Strathcona area, very hilly, little less money than Dollarton. Properties are in the 5-7 million dollar range. 
    • Panorama Drive is a more dense area with steep, smaller properties. 
    • Indian Arm has the lowest costs but is the most remote. It’s about a 10-15 minute drive from the Parkgate shopping center. 
  • [6:10] Do people live in Indian Arm all year round?
    • Yep. 
    • The area is “off the grid”. There is a propane company that makes deliveries. 
  • [8:20] What do buyers need to know about the market in this area?
    • If your looking for a property with a dock make sure it’s licensed and that you have a foreshore lease. 
    • Septic systems are an issue in the area. Most of the septic are not up to modern standards. There is no such thing as a grandfathered septic system. 
  • [10:15] If you buy a boat only access property, where do you park it?
    • The main launch is Cates Park but parking is not the best.
    • Seycove marina is a bit better but parking is the main issue in Deep Cove. 
  • [12:40]  Any last thoughts you want to share?
    • Technology is changing. You don’t need to be hooked up the to BC hydro anymore. 
  • [13:25] What are the top 3 things someone should know when thinking about buying a waterfront property?
    • Know how old the property is. Get a home inspection. 
    • Make sure the dock is properly maintained. 
    • Work with a Realtor who understands this particular niche. 

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