Marci Deane talks with Tony Spagnuolo, a real estate Lawyer. 


Tony Spagnuolo is a Lawyer with Spagnuolo & Company. Tony graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1985 with a double major in Business Administration and Economics, and from the University of Victoria law school in 1988. He has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since 1989. 

Marci and Tony talk about subject free offers, why it’s important to have paperwork, and why it’s important to have a plan B. 

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Key Points

  • [04:00] From a legal point of view, what are the challenges with a subject free offer? 
    • The bank can decline funding for any reason. 
    • Structural problems can appear after the deal is done. 
    • Often times a lender is looking for paper work up front. 
  • [06:40] Lenders do read condo minutes, depreciation reports, and AGM minutes. 
  • [08:55] Going after a seller for a grievance after the deal can be a hard expensive process. 
  • [10:00] What tips would you give a first time home buyer who wanted to put in a cash offer? 
    • Get the Realtor who explains all the risks.
  • [11:30] Always have a plan B. 


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