Marci Deane talks with Kate Miller about the current state of the North Vancouver real estate market, and how the foreign buyer tax is impacting the Lower Mainland. 


Kate Miller is a realtor with Royal LePage Sussex with 5 and a half years of experience. She has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 100 Agents under 35, by Real Estate Professional Magazine. Kate talks about the current state of the market, and how the foreign buyer tax is affecting North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. She also gives her predictions for the upcoming months, and shares some tips for sellers entering the new landscape of real estate in Vancouver. 


Key points

  • [6:15]  There are over 12,000 realtors in the Lower Mainland, and not all of them do their job properly.
  • [7:55]  Kate talks about the foreign buyer tax.
  • [8:25]  The market was already starting to calm before the tax was implemented.
  • [8:30]  The tax caught everyone off guard.
  • [9:35] 457 deals did not complete as a direct result of the tax.
  • [10:00]  The government does not realize the tax will cause a domino effect.
  • [11:00]  Many people who move to Vancouver on work visas are still affected by the tax.
  • [11:41]  What’s your advice for the market in its current state?
  • [11:56]  The tax has changed the psychology of sellers.
  • [12:25]  West Vancouver has, only had 7 sales in the month of August 2016; last year it was 54.
  • [13:02]  Condos and single family homes under $1.4 million are still active.
  • [13:32]  The multiple deal frenzy has cooled.
  • [14:10]  What’s your advice to sellers heading into the fall?
  • [14:40]  With the end of multiple offers, you have to price your property correctly.
  • [15:00]  Your home should be in immaculate condition for showings.
  • [15:57]  The market in Vancouver should return to a more conventional market.
  • [17:50]  You should interview at least 2 realtors.
  • [18:20]  Ask your realtor about their statistics, and the statistics of the area you’re looking to buy in.


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