Marci Deane sits down with David Matiru, a North Vancouver realtor with VPG Realty. David specialises in North Vancouver properties, where he lives with his wife and 4 children. With 20 years of sales experience, he is committed to providing his clients with the best communication and customer service he can provide.



Tips for Sellers

  • Discuss what’s most important to them
  • Determine what strategy is best for your situation

How to set good expectations

  • Good open communication
  • Sharing the number of people who attend the showings of the property
  • Clearly and honestly relaying feedback from prospective buyers

Strategies for sellers looking to upgrade

  • Talk to the right professionals
  • Be sure on your budget
  • Get your mortgage pre-approved
  • Know what makes sense for your budget

What to look for in a realtor?

  • Someone who knows the market
  • Find an agent that is well-connected
  • Interview 3-4 agents
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Make sure you like them

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