A life of exploration. A life of slowing down and of taking it all in. A life where anything goes and anything is possible. A life of hiking in the mountains, or of driving the coast, or of relaxing on the beach; golf and beautifully elegant meals set in front of you as you and your partner stare out into the setting Caribbean sun. Blue water and white sand; time to relax and reflect. This is the life for which you’ve been waiting. But just how long will you have to wait?

In 2017, the dream of early retirement seems to be just that, a dream, for a growing number of the working population. Increasingly, those entering retirement age have remained in the workforce, staying longer at their current jobs or, in many cases, finding themselves in new positions where they are actually under-employed. According to official statistics, 32 percent of Canadians expect to be working (in some capacity) at age 66, while 22 percent don’t expect to be able to retire, at all.

Very simply, this generation can’t seem to get away from work. And while some of this is preference, for many individuals living in today’s tough economic climate, the reality is, the money just isn’t there. Why the reverse work exodus? Well…

The cost of living has increased. Utilities have gone up; supply and demand has dictated that the cost of many (fresh) food products has gone up. The cost of housing in many major and mid-sized centres has gone up (and as of this writing, continues to climb); and mortgages which used to be paid out over 10 to 15 years are now being paid out over 25 years (or more).

Additionally, millennials (those born [around] 1980 to 2000) are coming home after university in record numbers; saddled with debt and unable to find quality, or even consistent work in their field. This has meant that parents who were once paying for the living cost of two individuals are now paying for more family members, later in life (not to mention the cost incurred by those moms and dads who graciously paid for the education of their children).

These factors (and more) have certainly left us with an interesting, albeit not impossible set of circumstances with which to overcome.

But, what if you could break the cycle? What if you could retire now, and live comfortably? What if you could close your eyes, open them, and find yourself in a place where you have the time to do the things that you want to do? What if your golden years were actually golden?

With the help of a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, the dream of early retirement, of living these years to the fullest, is within reach! So, the question shifts from, “When will I be able to retire?” to, “What will I do with myself after I retire?” This is a good change!

However, this shift should come with a change in outlook. Because, rather than managing, saving, and putting away money, the task becomes managing the most precious of all commodities, that being time. Because of this, the following are a few ways that you can use your time to make a positive impact in your “post-work” life.

Building Relationships

When money (or a lackthereof) isn’t a constant point of stress, you’ll find that you have time to build into those relationships that you’ve “shelved” over your years of working and career building. Make these moments count by connecting and by staying connected with the people whom you love; your partner, your family, and your friends. And don’t, for a moment, think that the time for making new friends is over. Get out there and meet new people. Find individuals with similar interests, and build into them as well!


A stable bottom line will also afford you the opportunity to follow your passions. These years are perfect for picking up that long neglected hobby, and pursuing those dreams that were put on hold. Keep in mind, It won’t be about doing it perfectly (whatever your “it” is); it’ll be about simply enjoying the experience and everything that comes with it.

Opportunities to Give Back

Finally, as your financial positions gains a measure of health, it will be important to give back (something we should all be doing, no matter our situation in life). Do something that will last. Help others; be kind, and generous with what you have. And remember that a life focused on giving will be more fulfilling than anything that you could buy and keep for yourself.

So if you have questions about the CHIP reverse mortgage or you want to know how you can retire, now, in comfort, let’s talk. I’m a certified reverse mortgage specialist and I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me directly, and let me walk you through the process.

Oh, and happy early retirement!


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