Have you ever stopped to question what you pay for banking fees? Do you recall why you signed up to have your account at the bank you’re currently at? Was it because you had thoroughly researched your options for the best service and best package prices or was it because your parents or grandparents had an account there…

An article from this summer highlighted just how important it could be to audit these fees and take a look at your options! While monthly amounts may not seem like much, if you start calculating what you pay each year and even more what you pay over your lifetime it’s almost negligible not to look at all of your options.

According to a Global News article from this summer:

The average millennial has so far shelled out $760 in banking fees over her or his lifetime. For boomers, that number grows to $2,200. But it’s gen-Xers who top the ranking, with a whopping $2,800 paid in banking fees on average so far.


Read the full article from Global News here >>

Let me know what great deals you’ve found with your banking packages, it could very well help others save a ton of money!



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