Marci Deane talks with Tony Cikes, a Realtor in North Vancouver with Sotheby’s.


Tony Cikes has been a Realtor for over 17 years now, specializing in the North and West Vancouver areas. By having a positive approach, along with excellent negotiating skills and a superior marketing strategy, Tony has qualified for the MLS Medallion Club 15 years and counting. The Medallion Club recognizes the top 10% of all Greater Vancouver Realtors based on the number of homes sold.

Marci and Tony talk about what brought him to becoming a Realtor, what the current status of the North Vancouver market is, and what his predictions are for the future of the area. Check it out!

Key Points

  • [00:25] This is my 17th year in the real estate industry.
  • [4:00] Tony tells a story about his son and ‘realtor shoes’.
  • [5:05] Is there an area that you specialize in?
  • [6:35] What is some of the best advice you have ever received?
  • [07:50] After a slow start to the year, the market is picking up steam.
  • [9:50] When you’re looking for real estate in a particular area, work with your Realtor to get local stats, not just national or provincial ones.
  • [11:10] What’s your strategy for multiple offers?
  • [14:00] What are your predictions for the North Vancouver real estate market?


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